I have been breeding Boxers and Labradors for over 30 years.
My dogs compete in Obedience, Conformation, Agility
and also in the Field.
My dogs are my family companions first and foremost!  They are
not raised in a kennel but in our home.  Our dogs are socialized
and loved from the day they are born.
Temperament and trainability are key factors in my breeding
program.  Our goal is to produce dogs that have the look and
conformation of the breed standard along with the temperament
and intelligence to perform the job they were meant to do.
All dogs in my breeding program are tested for health and genetic
concerns specific to their breed.  This is done before any breeding
to prevent the passing on of undesirable traits.
I have a health guarantee and contract on any puppy or adult dog
that is placed in a new home.  Any dog that is placed in a home as
a pet is on a spay/neuter contract.  If a new owner wants a
breed/show potential dog then a co-ownership contract
will be in place.
All puppies have vet checkups, vaccinations,de-worming and will
go home with a puppy starter kit.
If you think a Boxer or Labrador might be the dog for you, contact
me to further discuss finding the right dog for you!
Beauty and Brains!