Mypride Training
Obedience Classes

For all companion dogs and their owners.

Our classes are designed for pets and their owners to learn the
basics on behavior and how to get your dog to respond to you and
have good manners at home with family and friends and in public
with other pets and their people.

  • Due to the busy guiding season this fall we will not be
    holding classes until after the Holidays
  • We will however be offering private training at the Kennel
  • Contact Tammy Ogle, Mypride Kennel at (715) 678-2828

Private Training

For advanced field training, behavioral  problems or for
those of you who just can't attend obedience classes due
to a busy work or home schedule.

Private training can be private lessons with you and your dog  or it
may involve your dog staying with us at the kennel for training,
followed by sessions together with you and your dog.
The training techniques used will depend upon each individual
dog and your needs and concerns.
Different types of training for different needs